Environmental Policy

We, as Park Owners, and our team care about the environment and recognise the environmental impact our business could have.

That is why we use our experts and innovation to ensure that we act in a responsible manner and continually work to lessen our impact on the environment. We also work to preserve and, where possible, improve the character of our surroundings.

We recognise the importance of climate change and work with our homeowners to promote practical solutions that will encourage them to follow our example to use energy and water more efficiently and wisely and to minimize waste by recycling as much as possible.

We give preference to environmentally aware suppliers and contractors and we purchase environmentally friendly products whenever possible.

We consult environmental experts and other ecologists on all major projects and continually monitor our environmental impact which allows us to improve upon our performance.

Environmental awareness is actively promoted and environmental training is provided for all our team. We also regularly report on our environmental performance to our homeowners allowing them to monitor our progress.


Michael Ward

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